The Fight Is On ... Time to Lose Weight Again

It's been over 8 months since I last posted on this blog, Not So Heavy but I feel that must write again as the fight to lose weight is back on.

For many months, my weight had remained stable, around the 74kg mark. It was slightly up on my lowest weight but I was quite content, especially since I was not really exercising. I wasn't drinking water like a boss and I wasn't even getting to measure 10k steps per day on my toy any more.

Why the fight?

The real game changer though happened from July.  As I said before diet is a constant battle and the temptations of BBQ food and the accompanying beer took its toll...

I think though the biggest factor was quitting the ultimate appetite suppressor: cigarettes.

And it continues to the point now, in November, that I am almost 10kg heavier than at the beginning of the year. Time for action.

How to fight?

Back to the basics of the 2 life changing habits I am going to have to eat less and move more.

Eat Less

I've being toying with vegetarianism this year, and to some extent even veganism. Whilst I love bacon too much to go the whole mile, I think a lighter, balanced diet should be practiced again.

I don't want to diet per se, and I don't really want to "soup" again, but less meats and less binge eating will surely help.

Move More

I have revisited in the home gym. I am into my second week and on to the sets x3. It's incredible how much "fitness" you lose. My balance was terrible and I had virtually no strength.

Even after a week, I think I could do the 22 Push Up Challenge should it ever come around again.

Originally created: 2017-11-21 14:03:03