Album review: Amaranthe “Maximalism” – energetic modern metal with fantastic pop hooks

Nice review of Amaranthe’s latest album. I quite like their lead single “That Song” and really look forward to hearing the full album.

Hopefully a jaunt to Finland to promote the album is on the cards soon…

Roppongi Rocks

amaranthe-promo2By Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks

Amaranthe is back with a catchy metal album with plenty of pop hooks and boatloads of energy.

I have a weakness for Amaranthe. Ever since I saw them doing a showcase gig in a Tokyo basement in 2011, their modern take on catchy melodic metal with plenty of pop hooks blended with growling and smart guitar licks, has got my attention. I am not alone. Japanese fans were quick to discover the Swedish band and they have been here in Japan on tour six times in five years.

“Maximalism” is their fourth album and it is a natural progression of their earlier work. Once again we get a big dose of catchy, heavy, melodic music and with a few twists – just like I want my Amaranthe. “We want to continue to develop in the same direction as we have headed over the past…

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Save That Goodness

I’ve discovered a few new artists over the past couple of weeks, but I always seem to fall back to the old school in the end.

This is a new video from Tesla. One of my favorite bands and absolutely one of the best gigs I have ever been to back at the Shout It Out Loud festival.


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The Greatest Show on Earth – II

I thought it would be hard for Nightwish to top their Ratina gig last year supporting their “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album but again this was a overwhelming experience. I cannot give these guys enough credit for what was a fantastic performance and show.


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The Gathering

After skipping Delain’s first visit to Finland I finally got to see one of my “Bucket list” bands and I’ve got to say – they were magnificent.

For various reasons I missed Delain’s debut at Tuska earlier this year but I really wanted to see them live and this was second only to Nightwish in terms of living up to expectations.

Band shots

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