Diet Is A Constant Battle

Diet is a constant battle. I have now been off the diet officially now for longer than I have been on it this year. Tomorrow's weigh in will be week 22 post diet - I was dieting for 20 weeks prior. There have been some major weight swings and I have to take care of what I'm actually eating. That said - I expected no less.

I've already mentioned the UK trip that pushed my weight back up by almost 5kg I was not too concerned about it. I had been doing home gym and exercising a little but that was then, and now the exercising has fallen by the wayside a bit.

Diet is a constant battle

However, I have been hitting the soup pretty hard again but that doesn't mean that I'm not eating properly. I still drink water like a boss and I have many regular meals. But I am careful what these regular meals are.

My Typical Food Intake

  • Breakfast - half a cup of granola with berries and yogurt
  • Lunch - sandwich, wraps or salad
  • Dinner - soup & crispbreads with cheeses or meats
  • Snacks - fruit, seeds
Although this kind of menu occurs mostly daily, it doesn't mean that I don't have blow outs, or eat regular food too. When I do then the foodstuff that I eat are mainly things that I have decided that I can eat almost as much as I want - so there is no conscience when I do eat.

A Typical Blow Out Meal

  • Oven baked salmon
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Steamed carrots
By often completely omitting carbs I feel that I can eat until I am full with no guilt.

Diet Is A Constant Battle

So with the lack of exercise again, and the fact that I am still trying to get down to my target weight that I set last year (and it brings my BMI back to "normal") , dieting or at least what I eat has become a constant battle.

It's not that the food that I can or do eat is not tasty, or difficult to make - it's just that there are some food stuffs that I cannot eat without ballooning - pasta is a good example.

That's life though, I'll survive. How about you?

Is there anything that you just cannot eat any more and crave for?

Originally created: 2016-10-30 10:50:31