15 Weeks Since Diet Ended - Gained Some Weight But ...

So it's 3,5 months since I officially stopped my diet and I have put on 3kg in that time. I'm not worried though as I have changed my lifestyle quite considerably since my "unsustainable" diet ended.

Soup is still in the menu a bit, but this to me is a bit like the 5 / 2 diet but less extreme. You can find out more why I'm not worried about the weight gain.

Eating Habits Since My Diet Ended

Since ending my calorie deficient diet a few months back I have still be watching what I have been eating. I still skip chocolates, deserts and other similar goodies but I am certainly not as strict as I was before.

Bread, pasta and potato based foods are still not eaten too much. I do really miss freshly baked bread but I do indulge myself from time to time.

I strive to drink as much water as is humanely possible, so I still drink water like a boss. And I endeavor to keep my portion sizes down to a reasonable plateful.

Why the Weight Gain Doesn't Matter

The main change has been exercise. I am trying to do my home gym exercises 3 times a week. Since I've been on a training program, on and off, it has been difficult to maintain consistency, but most weeks I have managed 2 workouts.

I haven't taken any body fat measurements at any stage of the diet, or before nor after but I have to hope and assume that at least some of my body fat is turning into muscle.

Home Gym

Home gym has moved from outside to in...

22 Push Up Challenge

This has been sweeping Facebook to raise awareness of veteran suicides. A very worthy cause and judging by the number of valiant efforts I've seen on my stream awareness has been growing.

I was somewhat worried that someone nominated me. When I had an energy test back in March (?) I only managed about 10 push ups. On my off days I have been practicing and have now managed to reach 26 so far. Aiming for 30 by the end of the month.

This is another noticeable difference over the past few months, yet another reason why I'm not bothered about gaining the odd kilo here and there.

How's it going for you? Have you tried the 22 push up challenge yet? How did you get on?

Originally created: 2016-09-16 20:22:34