Weight Status 2016

Back 2015 I had set myself some goals for my weight. The first 20 weeks were spent trying to achieve these goals. After a couple of weeks in the UK, and some 5kg later, for the rest of the year I was playing catch up to make the weight again.

I have brought some exercise into my left, though that has subsided somewhat recently. However general well-being as improved, my blood pressure now falls into the "normal" bracket and I am trying to get a decent amount of quality sleep.

2016 Weight Status Summary

My Weight Loss Targets For 2016

I set my goals in 2015, but I decided to modify them somewhat to only go to #3 on the list. After 20 weeks I got there and achieved my goals. However the trip to the UK pushed my weight up again and I decided to try to get my weight back down to targets by the end of the year.

So, my target was subsequently modified to be a 50 week stint with Boxing Day 2016 the official final weigh-in.

Mission Accomplished

My regular weigh-in time was Monday morning, as soon as I got up. I also took my blood pressure every week at this time. As I got a new toy for Christmas I have started to use these scales, however the final reading that I'm (mostly) using is from the scales that I've been using for the past year and a half.

I made it. 73,4kg. What a relief. It was was looking quite unlikely towards the end with the inevitable Christmas eating and drinking going on, but all good. Now I can really concentrate on changing the fat to muscle in 2017.

Same as Last Year

As with this time last year there were a couple of caveats to take to factor in. Perhaps not major ones, but still have an effect.

Different Scales

Last year, I used different scales on the final day. This lead to 1,6kg loss in the final week. Of course, I followed that up the next week with similar weight. This year again I lost 1,6kg the final week. This was on the same scales this time. However on my new scales, my weight is even less - there is a 0,6kg difference.

The Night Before

As with last year again the night before's eating habits were slightly different than normal. This time around, as well as eating dinner at around 5PM, I had to go to bed relatively early as I thought that Sophie's flu was on its way to me. A really long, and sweaty, sleep later I am sure contributed over all.

What's Next?

Normality. Hopefully. I know I will always have to be careful with what I eat. I don't think I need to lose any more. Just get some exercise.

What are your plans for 2017?

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