Download Free Weight Tracker Excel Template

I've been using a simple excel template to record my weight over the past almost year and a half. Now you can download the template so you can record your weight over time too.

2016 Weight Status Summary
As I got some cool scales that records my weight automatically I don't need the template any more but for those without the technology you can record your weight and the cells and charts update automatically. The chart is metric!

Enter values is the very light orange cells to begin: height (cms); start weight (kgs); start date; number of weeks you want to measure; target weight loss.

Each week, it's coded plus 7 days so you should do it at the same day and time every week, add your weight for the week and BMI calculated, tables updated and chart updated to.

Previous versions of this have been a lot more complex, where I recorded steps and blood pressure too but this very simple. I hope it helps someone.

Download Weight Tracker here

Get the free download, hosted on OneDrive. Any questions or issues about the file, please let me know in the comments below.

Have fun and good luck in 2017. I hope you achieve your targets for the year: weight and everything else.

Originally created: 2017-01-01 12:45:32