My Weight Loss Targets For 2016

My weight loss targets for 2016 would change from my initial plans for a number of reasons. My "pie in the sky goal plans" were to lose 20kg. From my phase one diet I lost over 15kg, but of course put back 3,5kg on my vacation (as partly expected).

So my weight when starting phase two was 81,6kg, down 12kg from when I started the diet. I would aim again at 0,5kg per week for 20 weeks. So total loss would be 22kg and an end weight of 71,6kg - surpassing my goals. However as time went on I had to reassess the situation a bit.

There were numerous reasons why I decided to think again. At the time of drafting this post I am half way through the program. 10kg is still possible but the weight loss is a lot slower that in the first phase.

As you may or may not have realized, if you have read the story of the journey in order, that I don't talk about exercise too much. I usually relate to that part of the program as moving or activity. That being said constant "nagging" or friendly encouragement did not go unheard.

I decided that I would try to start bringing real exercise into my life. I was aware that at this point in time I was losing muscle as well as fat. Not that I get in fights or anything like that, but I would like to be able to open a packet of crisps for the kids. This would mean that I would expect my weight to stabilize or even increase a bit with the added food intake due to working out.

Unfortunately the exercise plan never materialized due to health constraints. I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder and at this point in time I can do very little upper-body work. I am still exercising through walking though, making that conscious effort to maintain at least 100% activity levels every week.

Weight Loss Targets to Achieve my Goals

When comparing my goals from 2015 this year has been much harder. There were not so many obvious milestones:
  1. Lose 10lbs ( @4,5kg )
  2. Lose 1 stone ( @6kg )
  3. Get BMI to "normal" range, 73,6kg ( @8kg )
  4. Lose 20 lbs
  5. Get to target weight of 71,6kg ( 10kg lost )
  6. Get under 70kg [bonus]
I could stop at point #3 above, that was the ultimate target. Would I progress right through to #6? Below are 3 reasons why I might just have stopped there.
  • Comments that I looked too skinny or frail
  • 20kg overall would bring me into my BMI range
  • What is the advantage of an extra 2kg at this point?
Check out my status in the next couple of weeks. I'm approaching my final week now.

What do you think about stopping early? Would you have gone the extra mile to get to 22kg or more, or just stopped when the BMI measurement at last read "normal"?

Originally created: 2016-05-25 12:00:17