Weight Loss Status Q1 2019

I have set myself a really low target for 2019 with regards to my weight. I have decided that I do need to get back to my lowest recorded weight in recent years however my health, in general, is more important so I am not going to "diet" per se and I intend to actually move a bit more. But how is going so far?

Around my belly

The weight has gone up a bit since then, but the overall trends are good methinks. My goal for 2019 in numbers is to lose 5 KG over the year. This equates to less than 0,5 KG per month. This should not be too difficult technically as I can see a 2 KG per day swing sometimes.

To achieve this goal I am simply taking care of what I eat. I try not to eat too much, not too much nonsense foods such as chips, chocolate or ice cream.

As always I try to drink water like a boss and move as much as possible. I walk about 2 KM to and from work by deliberately getting off the train one stop early. I walk the dog a couple of times a day at the weekend.

On top of the walking in March I started doing 'jumppa', which essentially means gym circuits, with my team at work. It is quite similar to my home gym routine (that I haven't done for ages). At the time of writing I have done this thrice and hurt like hell. However it is good fun to do things with the team outwith work so there are benefits all round.

As you can see from the chart above I tend to lose weight at the beginning of the year, then rise a bit over summer. I am guessing this is because of all the barbecues and beer - it will be interesting to see how being full-on vegetarian affects it this time around.

Q1 trends

Me wight tends to fall at the beginning of the year. I started the year at 77,6 KG so I should be around 76,4 KG. At weigh-in this week, the weight was: 76,2 KG - on target.

How's your year going?

Originally created: 2019-04-07 09:51:59