Weight Loss Status Q2 2019

So here we are again, I weighed in a couple of weeks ago for my half year check up and things are pretty OK.

I had set myself I really low target to lose: 5KG in the year but as I said in the previous post, it's more about my lifestyle than my weight.

I started to play golf again. My first game was in April and I have often been surpassing 20K steps per day. I think golf is a great sport for mindfulness, exercise and for your heart. My pulse has been racing even though I'm not playing too seriously just yet.

As for other exercises, team jumppa has been attended a few times. I really enjoy it: it's nice to see you work colleagues in another light. However it has conflicted a bit with the golf, so I have not attended as much as I could have.
Eating wise, I am still #mostlyvegan. I do eat eggs occasionally and cheese, but other than that no animal or fish has passed my lips this year. I feel quite good for it: both health wise and conservation-wise. I personally feel that animals are not too badly treated here in Finland (chickens apart) so the environmental impact from locally sourced produce should be lower too.

So from an exercise perspective, I am in quite a good place at the moment. I could sweat a bit more but I am not a big fan of heavy exercise.
To this end, I have actually reached my target for the half year, through a combination of drinking water like a boss & the fore mentioned exercise. I have actually lowered my expectations a bit for the second half too.

Perhaps I am too optimistic to lose 5KG in total, but there is also the fact that I begin to look a bit scrawny when I get below 74KG. So the extra kilo and a half doesn't really benefit me in any way. I would be better trying to build up some muscle instead.

H1 of 2019 weight chart

Overall I think the combination of healthy "diet" & all the exercise for golf have helped a lot this year. How's it going for you?

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Originally created: 2019-07-15 19:37:17