3 Things I've Learned This Year - The Hard Way

I've learned many things this year but after all the jubilation and success of 2016, exceeding my goals of losing 20 kgs, 2017 has been a bit of a scunner.

Things were going pretty well for the first half. I had conceded 0,5 kg as an acceptable "over"  - surviving holidays away, partying with friends and general non-exercise that I'd tried to maintain since the turn of the year.

But what have I learned?

Smoking is the Ultimate Appetite Suppressor

I remember a few conversations over the previous year about my "secret smoking" and the general conclusion, by them at least, that smoking was key in suppressing my appetite  that helped me achieve my weight loss goals.

After a wonderful reunion / 50th birthday where none of the guys smoke any more I finally kicked the habit. As I type I'm 5 months smoke free, but it has seriously dented the scales.

BBQ & Beer Doesn't Help You To Lose Weight

Summer time was all about BBQ. Whilst meat (or protein as food assholes call it) in itself isn't bad, the quantities and the accompanying beers, wines and champagnes did not help.

I am compulsive by nature, so saying "no" to more is really hard for me. Maybe I will learn for next year.

I Ignored the 3 Main Rules of Healthy Eating

I've been an advocate of the 3 basic rules, eat less and move more & drink water like a boss. I've almost ignored these things since the beginning of the year. I only have myself to blame.

What Next? DON'T GIVE UP

Next year things will be better. I hope to dig myself out of the unemployed "hole" that I'm in right now, have some motivation to make myself better again & believe that someone would be in the least bit interested.

Originally created: 2017-12-24 21:00:55