Diet Ended - 5 Things I've Learnt So Far

My diet ended 6 weeks ago and I have to admit the weight has been yo-yoing.

This is perhaps not a surprise since there have been a number of factors that have affected my day to day life.

Here's a brief summary of circumstances over the past month and a half and my take-outs so far.

When the diet stopped I basically continued with my lifestyle changes: still eating soups sometimes but generally taking care of what I was eating; drinking lots of water; walking almost 13 000 steps a day. I also brought in some training into my weekly routine.

Having generously been offered a session with a personal trainer from a dear friend, I was given a home gym workout program tailored to me, my fitness level and goals to at least do something partly physical. I also promised this to my doctor when I had my exit medical when leaving Microsoft.

So for almost 2 weeks I managed to train 3 times a week. It was great, I was actually sweating a lot and began to feel pretty good about things. Even in that short space of time, I think that I could see some changes in body shape.

Then came my vacation and a trip to the UK. Similar to my trip to Thailand at Christmas time last year I expected to gain a few kilos over the almost 2 week period. Travelling, good food and hanging with friends and family contributed to me piling on 5kg in a couple of weeks this time around.

I am now trying to lose this again, and have started with the home gym once more. Of course this is in a way counter active for weight loss since the trainer said to eat more, but I am happy to "solid out" a bit and get a bit of muscle. But along with the vacation, which hammered home the facts, I have learnt (obviously) that I need to do the following.... Always

The 5 things to keep the weight off after the diet ended

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Don't drink so much beer
  3. Keep exercising, minimum 13 000 steps daily
  4. Don't eat too much
  5. Make sure to get plenty of sleep
So there you have it. 5 things that I need to get to grips with again to stabilize my weight over the next few weeks and months. As I approach the year anniversary of the start of my lifestyle change these are the facts that I need to accept going forward!

Have you made any lifestyle changes? How hard do you find it to keep them up?

Originally created: 2016-07-13 15:08:30