Diet Break - Thailand - Why I missed my Target

Diet break time: The trip to Thailand in December 2015 was great. I knew it would be tough and there were many factors that would mean I would not keep my target of staying under 80kg in the 3 weeks I as "normal".

I said before in summarizing what happened during my break. I thought since there has been a lot of text on the site so far that I should treat you to some fairly exclusive photos. These highlight some of the reasons I missed my target during my diet break.

Beer, sugar and general sweetness were key I believe in putting weight back on, but with the exception of the wet market photos from Bangkok I think everything looks (and certainly tasted) delicious.

I actually took a day session Cooking with Poo. It was great fun - highly recommended if you are ever in Bangkok. Her Pad Thai was a million miles better than anything else I have tasted - and that is one of my favorite Thai dishes.

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Originally created: 2016-04-27 14:51:18