Break From Dieting - What Happened After Phase One

As planned I had completed my 20 week phase of dieting and surpassed my 10kg weight loss target by over 5kg. But now it was time for a break from dieting. I was sure though that during my intended time away that I would put some the weight back on.

The aim for this period was then to control the kilos and not pile the pounds back on. I had a specific allowance or target in mind for the 3 week period.

I had a monster final week where I lost 1,6kg. This I believe was a bit high but it took me well under 80kg but my goal was to not go above 80kg!

Why I expected my weight to go up

  1. Not souping as often if at all
  2. Thai food although natural is pretty high sugar
  3. Wouldn't be as active on the walking front
  4. Alcohol consumption would surely rise
I wasn't going to take a blender with me, and I would have to go with the flow with regards to foods and eating out. Of course soups are not out of the equation altogether but soups like Tom Ka Gai are made from coconut milk - one ingredient that I have been avoiding.

As for all the noodles? This was another food group that I had almost cut out completely. But when in Thailand it is hard to avoid certain food types that I had been avoiding and more importantly it is hard to resist such delicious food.

I left my activity band at home. I didn't want to take a computer with me since that is the only way of backing up the data and there is not enough room on the device for more than one week at a time. I also new that I probably wouldn't be walking as much anyway. Time poolside or on the beach is hardly strenuous.

Thailand is hot. You are on holiday. It is only natural to partake in the local brewery offering. It is really hard not to drink beer in warm weather. I had not stopped drinking beer at that point, but I had reduced it to sauna times only. Every day beer drinking should not be part of a calorie controlled diet.

The Outcome of When I Took A Break From Dieting

From my final weigh-in week on 21st December to my first of 2016, 11th January, I had put on put on 3,4kg. So in the 3 week period I had put on just over 1kg per week. It had pushed my over 80kg, 81,6kg to be precise.

I had failed my goal!

I had, however, had a carefree time covering pre-Christmas meals and the vacation that encompassed all of the key scenarios listed above. And I knew that I would get some of the weight loss back very quickly as I went into my second 20 week stint of dieting. Plus I was still 12kg (1.8st or 26lbs) down on when I started back in August.

I will be writing about that when I have completed it, but I can say that I did lose 1,4kg on my first week and by the 3rd week as was below my phase 1 final weight.

How do you handle your holidays? Do you take a break from dieting?

Originally created: 2016-04-20 09:00:42