My Weight Loss Targets For 2015

Having thought of a goal based on my motivations for losing weight in the first place I had to set up weight loss targets and goals for the short-term. In this case, it would a 20 week stint before my vacation.

What happens after that was to be decided however as I progressed into this phase of the diet, I did then set my myself a hard target of trying to get down to 70kg by mid 2016.

Whether that is achieved or not will be discussed in the future, but this phase only covers the 20 weeks from August to December. My actual vacation is not included and I have a separate plan for that: not as detailed of course but can be used as a template for other extended off-diet activities in the future.

20 Week Goal to Lose Weight

Lose 0,5kg per week for a total loss of 10kg
How I would make this goal would be dependent on the targets I set during the period for motivation to make the goal attainable. Since I was brought up using imperial measurements, especially for weights until I moved to Finland in the late 90s, I was able to mix and match imperial and metric weights to make the process more fun - providing targets and milestones frequently instead of only one final goal.

Weight Loss Targets to Achieve my Goals

  1. Get under 90kg
  2. Lose 10lbs ( @4,5kg )
  3. Lose 1 stone ( @6kg )
  4. Get to 85kg
  5. Lose 20 lbs
  6. Get to target weight of 83,6kg ( 10kg lost )
  7. Lose 2 stone ( @12kg ) [bonus]
  8. Lose 30lbs  [bonus]
  9. Get under 80kg [bonus]
  10. Lose more weight than my friend *
* I spoke previously about gamification. This was quite a driver for me. I set a challenge with a friend to try to lose weight at the same time. There would be a cash prize for the one that lost the most weight. This was an added incentive to keep going.

Use SMART targets to achieve your goals!
How did I get on? That's the topic of the next post tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Originally created: 2016-04-02 08:48:49