Looking For A Silver Lining - 3 Positives To Keep Motivation

Every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. 6 weeks into my 2018 20 week "diet" program I am looking for positives after another week of weight gain.

This is the second week of increased weight though the gain this time is higher than the last. There were a few factors that may have contributed to this - as usual related to drinking, eating and moving.

Dry January / Wet February

For the first time ever I maintained a #DryJanuary with absolutely no alcohol passing my lips. The drought ended in February and although the first week had little affect last Friday was a bit of a rock 'n' roll night - as my Twitter or Instagram streams would testify.

I was still drinking water like a boss at the same time but I did hit the quince gin quite hard :-)

Bad Eating

Although I am steadfastly maintaining my vegetarian diet I have a couple of weaknesses. One of my meat replacements in my stir fries are cashew nuts. The odd handful is OK, but I cannot resist them - they are almost as moreish to me as crisps.

The week ended with pizza on Friday and a (bean) burger & (sweet potato) fries on Saturday. Hardly super healthy though it could have been worse.

Moving A Bit

As you can see from the graphic below February has been more active with regards to daily steps (10 000 target) - however this is not the whole story.

Daily Steps Chart

Prior to October there were more greens than blues but I wasn't doing any sort of activity. As of today I have done 43 home gym workouts in a row - every day this year.

The Silver Lining: 3 Positives

So despite a, hopefully, small blip this week, there are quite a few things to keep me going towards my weight target for this year.
  • It is only 0,5 kg, and it could simply be an extra glass of water retained
  • Gains seem to come after larger weight loss in the prior week, I lost over a kilo
  • Still on target overall
And given the stats from January things are still on track!!

How's your February going?

Originally created: 2018-02-13 18:06:21