January in Numbers - Top Stats to Start the Year

January 2018 was my first #DryJanuary. As my weight had sky-rocketed during the second half of 2017 it made sense to give this fad a shot as part of the new year, new me program.

My goal for 2018 was to shed the excess of 2017 that I am going to attribute to quitting smoking. However, I fully intend to exercise to complement the eating program: simple kilos lost will not be my only goal.

So here are some of my top stats for the start of the year. Can you empathise or are your sentiments like the Mash Report?

Dry January Stats

  • 0 - alcoholic units
  • 50 - extra cups of tea or coffee
  • 49% - number of participants that lost weight on this campaign (Wikipedia)
  • 1 - Lorraine Kelly (she put on weight)

Fitness Stats

  • 2 - workout routines actively used
  • 20 - average time spent on routines in minutes
  • 31 - days participated
  • 225K - number of steps

Measurement Stats

  • 11 - kilos heavier at year start compared to same time in 2017
  • 3,4 - kilos lost in January
  • 1 - notch on my belt buckle
So a combination of drinking no alcohol (and of course drinking water like a boss), moving more and taking care of what I am eating. I have completely cut out meats. I am kind of craving a good steak or some salmon so I am not sure how long I will persist.

Going Forward

What I will do is continue to eat less carbs and dairy in general. I love stir fries so I can quite easily have plates of vegetables instead of noodles or rice. I know that I need to be careful though to replace the nutrients and proteins lost my not taking meat or fish.

As for the exercises, I will need to change these over time. My main routine is old, and although I have modified it a bit, I feel that I am building a resistance to it and need to add something new.

The "new" routine for me that I do on my off days from my "core" workout is a gentle abs routine. It is pretty light as I do it on a rest day so to speak. I think I will add to this too in the coming months.

I am suffering from frozen shoulder again though, so although I would like to perhaps start some weight training I cannot really do anything since my right shoulder (this time) is so sore.

Anyway, that's it for January. How was yours? How wet is your February?

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