Life Without My Pulse Ox

So it finally happened. My Pulse Ox suffered the same fate as my wife's. Flashing "Hello" - but in reality it is goodbye!

The only thing that was perhaps surprising was that the device lasted so long. Integrations with other services stopped working a long time ago, and it would appear that the transition from Withings to Nokia and back to Withings seems to have contributed to the ultimate failure.

Withings Pulse

I can't remember the exact steps that led to the untimely death of my Pulse but as I've already been through the steps to try to fix my wife's one I knew that online support would not be able to help: certainly sending a replacement USB charging adapter was not the solution I was looking for.

So I had a couple of options. I could try to seek out my Polar wristband which my son has hidden away somewhere. Or I could just utilize the phone's sensor and enable Google Fit.

The Pulse states that there are syncing options with Fit, so I chose this. As with all other integrations it seems pretty patchy to say the least. Small mercies are that at least the data flows into the Fit if not the other way around. To be honest this is no real surprise either.

A few months on, and the situation is the same. My scales are still working as expected thankfully & that data is going to Fit but not all the data is there. Thankfully I record my weight in excel too, you can more information and the template here if you find it useful.

Body Cardio scales

My step count is lower since I rely on my phone. My data sometimes gets synced between apps. Since I am trying not to be obsessive about weight and exercise I think I can live without the Pulse - though I do miss actually having the time on my wrist.

So I still use the Health Mate app but in combination with Google Fit. How do you monitor yourself?

Originally created: 2019-03-24 22:24:42