Key Weight Stats for 2016

I've posted some of these images already, but here are some key weight stats for my 2016. As I got a funky set of scales for Christmas I won't be using the old excel any more, but I thought that I would share my template with you if you want to record your weight too. More details in a coming post this week.

2016 Weight Status Summary


Although I initially set myself a target of 8kg weight loss in 20 weeks, which I achieved, I modified the time after a bloat from a UK visit in summer. I therefore modified the duration to be 50 weeks - an average of 0,2kg per week: quite attainable.

As you can see from the table above, I reached the goal, again, on boxing day 2016. The measurements are from my traditional, electronic, scales. My Christmas present actually reads my weight as about 0,6kg less - so I'm happy either way.

Weight Stats Over Time

2016 Weight Stats
You can see from the chart that there has been a fairly constant loss over the year with the real blip around my UK trip. Similar to the Thailand trip that elevated my weight by kilos, however this time it took a long time to get the weight back.

Some Extra Weight Stats

2016 weight stats & highlights
I am at my lightest point for many years. In old money I am under 11,5 stone which is for sure less than I was when I left the UK back in 1999. I gained weight on 18 occasions, 4 of which were over a kilo at a time.

On 9 occasions I lost more than a kilo in one week. I am guessing, given daily differences that around a kilo swing in a week is pretty normal.

I hit my BMI target for only the 4th time. I am not too bothered about this as further reading into the subject suggests that the ideal BMI score can be slightly higher as you get older. And of course it depends on your body type and exercise regime also.

So a good year for me weight wise. How was it for you? And remember:

If I can lose weight so can you!

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