Use Small Steps & Micro Targets To Reach Your Goal

Dieting can be pretty difficult at the best of times. Whether you are forced to diet or not, setting up SMART targets helps gives you something to aim at. But what about the motivation? Use small steps & micro targets.

If, using my target weight loss as the example, you told yourself that you are aiming to lose 22kg that sounds a lot. In my case I believe it is since it is almost a quarter of my start out body-weight. You might be so put off by the enormity of the task at hand that you give up before you start.

To make it attainable, relevant and timely all help in making the goal achievable. But how do you then get the drive and belief to actually reach these goals?

Small Steps

Be realistic and certainly don't bite off more than you can chew!

Pardon the pun but in my case I targeted a high amount of weight and I wanted to be able to go back to normal after the diet ended - eating normally but 20 plus kg less heavy. Therefore I set myself the weekly target of  0.5kg per week. Not too much: just a bag of sugar.
nI believed this to be attainable, especially when my weight can fluctuate by almost 2kg in just one day. It did mean that I would be on a diet for almost a year but it will be worth it. Life changing.

Micro Targets

Set smaller targets frequently for motivation.

Setting frequent attainable targets on the way to your final goal helped me immensely. More so during my first phase of dieting because these targets or milestones came thick and fast. You too can easily set these targets up by juggling the measurement units you use. Mixing between kgs, lbs, st - it all helps.

This meant for me, and due to the nature of my weight lost, that it was at worst 5 weeks between milestones keeping my motivation high at all times. See my weight loss status for 2015 as an example.

Have you tried this method - does it work for you?

Originally created: 2016-05-02 09:00:32