3 Things this Diet is About & 3 Things It's Not

Having done some research on other sites and Twitter accounts with similar subjects, weight loss, it was glaringly apparent that I should clarify what this diet and site is about.

There seems to be a lot of "amazing" ways to lose weight, often with a price tag. This site is not one of them. It is a genuine account of my weight loss journey over the past year - as I approach my goal.

Hopefully reading this and other posts on the site you will realize that this is just one guy trying to share his experiences in the hope that it will help someone. The knowledge and experience I am sharing won't work for everyone.

This diet is

  1. a genuine and natural diet and methods to lose weight
  2. primarily based around changing eating habits
  3. something that worked for me. It won't suit all

This diet is not

  1.  a lose weight fast diet and makes no promises
  2. a scam or get quick rich scheme
  3. something you should do without seeking medical advice
I hope this sets things straight. I was not "shocked" at what I saw when researching but did think it could be quite easy to misread the signs.

And as always enjoy the site, but please read the disclaimer about the content on site and stay safe.

Originally created: 2016-03-13 17:00:43