My Recipes to Compliment Weight Loss

Thanks for visiting the recipes. Food was an instrumental factor in my weight loss program. I am going to share some of my favorite recipes here. To prepare for what's ahead I thought I would give a basic rundown of things that you will need to create recipes to compliment your weight loss.

First things first: To get my weight down I replaced one or sometimes 2 meals a day with soup. I will explain on other post how I actually broke down my daily eating habits. But for now it is enough to know that soup was a major part of my diet.

Hand blender

I like to blend soup mostly. Not always, but quite a lot. This is partially because I drink soup from a mug but mostly because that is the way I prefer to eat it. Therefore I would suggest getting a hand blender. I could insert an affiliate link to one but the one I use is made by Philips.

Food management

Soups are great for left-overs. You can throw just about anything into a soup especially things like the roots of vegetables that you just wouldn't if you were eating them on their own.

Link to the original recipes

I will try to set up links if I can have them. I very rarely follow instructions or ingredients to the letter but the book that I am using at the moment for reference, for many soups, is The New Soup Bible by Anne Sheasby.

Recipes that lead to weight lose

Not all recipes will help you to lose weight. However with the ingredients that I suggest they can be a whole lot more healthy that the regular way. On this note though I believe it is always good to have a splurge once in a while. be it weekly or less frequently I think it is good to let go once in a while.

All set? Let's get on to the recipes.

Originally created: 2016-03-12 17:26:44