What is SMM - Social Media Marketing?

Most of my previous posts refer to Social Media presence and posting as a brand / persona. For the most part the only cost is time and the number one main is to build relationships with your customers, existing or potential.

Social Media Marketing can also come in the form of paid advertising. Ranging from promoted Tweets to paid ads on Facebook this can be a very effective way of reaching more customers.

You need to understand where your audience is, so channels such as LinkedIn, Google+ and others may be very relevant for you.

In a similar fashion to How do I get more Twitter followers? the presence you have created should be a way for your customers to relate to you.... emotionally. Purchases are made 99%+ on gut feeling.

We don’t buy things. We buy feelings.

Source: The Wider Funnel
If you have already done the groundwork with your target audience you may want to reach out to more people, with very specific demographics so you can target the right people, at the right time.

Social Media Marketing Advertising

Social Media Marketing - Advertsing

An example of the advertising that I was presented in Facebook today.

To be honest I have never clicked on a promoted tweet yet, and as for the ads on Facebook I am kind of oblivious to them, and have been served up some total rubbish the past too.

Social Media Marketing - Twitter Advertsing

A promoted tweet today on Twitter. Was it useful for me? Perhaps.

There are various categories of ad types for you to choose from, depending on your business. I'll go into more detail in future posts.

Facebook Ads are easy and effective. Run ads to get people to visit your website, reach people near your location, promote your Page, app, event and more.

Source: Facebook
So there you have it. A very brief introduction is to Social Media Marketing from an advertising perspective.

There are many considerations when embarking on a paid advertising journey on Social Media compared to Search advertising.

To me the main thing is that with Paid Search people are actually looking for you or your product. With Paid Social Media, people aren't necessarily looking for you but they may be the right people.

Has paid Social Media advertising been effective for you?

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