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As I plan an editorial calendar a post came into my Twitter stream that I thought was very appropriate for my new persona, @redlenses_eu. So I decided to start right away.

It will be a good benchmark on how this handle and the web site actually perform in the coming months. How do I grow my following?

The tweet was a link to an article by Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock).

He is a Keynote Speaker, IBM Futurist, Influence Expert, Radio Host, Author, Influencer and Friend. At the time of writing he has 254 000 followers on Twitter. He was asked

How did I get so many followers on Twitter?
There is a link at the end of this article but I wanted to put my perspective on this & ask myself

How do I get up to number of followers that Warren has?

My Current Twitter Status

I already have several Twitter accounts alongside my main personal account, @ulko7t7. I've also killed a few accounts off too. TLDR

To be honest I have not been that bothered about follower numbers. Of course the more the merrier, but I am not a narcissist and for the most part my accounts were purely for pleasure. I didn't have much to offer anyone.

So How do I get followers on Twitter?

The secret to Get Followers on Twitter (or anywhere) is to LISTEN and LOVE.

Source: How did I get so many followers on Twitter?
Start and join conversations. Do not broadcast. I have a long way to go as I begin my Twitter journey with @redlenses but as my personal account gets more followers I've certainly noticed many "broadcasters" and very much tend to ignore.


So @WarrenWhitlock's answer is quite straight forward. Is it really that simple? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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