5 things about the Essential Content Marketing Metrics

This is a fantastic infographic about the essentials metrics for capturing the performance of your content marketing.

It was made by Curata and features in a post entitled 29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC].

Digest the image, then check out for my thoughts: do you agree?


Metrics Areas Covered

  1. Consumption
  2. Retention
  3. Sharing
  4. Engagement
  5. Lead
  6. Sales
  7. Production/cost

Why I Love This Graphic

  1. The infographic is straight forward and covers almost everything
    • from consumption right through to actual production/cost
  2. The infographic should encourage close co-operation between sales and marketing division meaning
    • everyone is aiming for the same goal in the end
    • this can prove that at least marketing is doing its part
  3. Easily allows you to put value to various aspects of the campaign

The Caveats

This is a great set of metrics to measure, there are two things that I would question, or at least take with a pinch of salt:
  1. Average time on page
  2. Social Media Likes
Although in the comments section of the reference article there a few comments on how to get make use of average time on page, tracking events for example. So if you couple the "dwell" time with clicks towards the bottom of your page or scroll depth then it can be useful. Heat maps also help in this scenario

On its own average time on page can be deceptive.

Multiple tabs open, a quick toilet break, a phone call - these can all lead to the page being left open and temporarily forgotten about.

Social Media Likes is another hot potato for me. Again on its own it doesn't really give you much more than the reach of the post itself. It gives no real indication of the total engagement of the user and through the campaign that brought them there are they really your target audience?

Of course, it looks good when you have a gazillion likes or followers and the subsequent potential outreach of effort can be seen through the "familiarity principle" but getting "likes" for "likes" sake can actually damage your Facebook reach at least.

Depending on your goals focus on quality not quantity!

Overall a great infographic and one I'll be using in the coming months. Pages linked in the article have changed, but I managed to find the original image.

Sources & Further Reading

Originally created: 2016-09-09 16:00:58