Apocalyptica One Year On

Last  April  I went to see Apocalyptica in what was one of the weirdest gigs ever but also one of the highlights of the year last year.

This month their tour supporting Sixx A.M. kicks off with string of gigs around the U.S. and Canada.

Sixx A.M.’s Modern Vintage was one of my top albums of last year and Shadowmaker, released in Europe tomorrow, sounds classic already.

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Time to Call it a Day Dave

With the anticipation of a new album from Van Halen (albeit a live one) I was keen to get a reminder of the VH greatness live as they performed on Jimmy Kimmel.

What came to pass was a reminder of all the things that I don’t like about Van Halen and why won’t be forking out nearly 100€ plus travel to see them if/when they hit the shores of Europe soon.

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Meeting H.E.A.T After They Rock Tavastia

Having been lucky enough to meet Reckless Love at their last show in Tavastia we made an educated guess that H.E.A.T would appear after their show in the bar area to meet and greet their fans.

We weren’t wrong and they proved to be pretty solid guys too. Here are some post gig snaps.


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Touring Down the Walls – H.E.A.T Rock Tavastia

I’ve been looking forward to this gig for months. H.E.A.T are right up there with my favourite bands. Such energy and enthusiasm on stage – these guys are a real must see live band.

Since I found out they were coming to Finland on the 12th of December and buying tickets the next day, I anticipated an energetic and fun gig. It was brilliant..

Wake up call. Living on the run!! #heatsweden #finland

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At Last Scrobbling Comes to Windows Phone

Finally the people at Spotify have to add probably one of the easiest, yet annoying, features to their Windows Phone version of their music client: Last FM integration.

Whilst this doesn’t bring the app up to the levels of the other platforms it at least gives me one of the major missing features that has had me swaying between paid subscription and free (or no usage).


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