Meeting H.E.A.T After They Rock Tavastia

Having been lucky enough to meet Reckless Love at their last show in Tavastia we made an educated guess that H.E.A.T would appear after their show in the bar area to meet and greet their fans.

We weren’t wrong and they proved to be pretty solid guys too. Here are some post gig snaps.


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Touring Down the Walls – H.E.A.T Rock Tavastia

I’ve been looking forward to this gig for months. H.E.A.T are right up there with my favourite bands. Such energy and enthusiasm on stage – these guys are a real must see live band.

Since I found out they were coming to Finland on the 12th of December and buying tickets the next day, I anticipated an energetic and fun gig. It was brilliant..

Wake up call. Living on the run!! #heatsweden #finland

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Let Me Entertain You

The last 3 live shows I’ve attended have all ended up meeting some of the performers at some stage of the night. I think I may be becoming addicted to the rush of meeting my idols.

In February it was not different when I got to meet with Robbie Williams in Helsinki.

Yes You

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At Last Scrobbling Comes to Windows Phone

Finally the people at Spotify have to add probably one of the easiest, yet annoying, features to their Windows Phone version of their music client: Last FM integration.

Whilst this doesn’t bring the app up to the levels of the other platforms it at least gives me one of the major missing features that has had me swaying between paid subscription and free (or no usage).


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Going down to South Park …. Gonna have myself a time (AGAIN)

In May last year I was enthusing about going to Tampere to see the South Park Festival with Europe headlining. It’s only March and I confirm that festival tickets have been bought and hotel rooms booked already.

I’m super excited. This year’s Saturday headliners are Def Leppard!!

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Elan – 3 Reasons why Nighwish were right

A lot has been said about the leak of Elan, the new Nightwish single. Not least by the band themselves.

Much of their comments and feedback was frowned upon my many of their fans on Facebook (especially) and Twitter. But their underlying argument stands true. Here are the 3 reasons why I think they were justified.

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Do You Wanna Rock – Danko Jones Certainly Does

Following a great performance by Amaranthe it was time for the headliners.

After hearing their warm-up a few hours earlier I could barely wait for Danko Jones to kick off . I was anticipating “Wild Woman”. I was blown away.



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