We Won’t (Forget about you)

What a great gig that was.

From start to finish a great performance  by all the band. They may be in their fifties now but they’ve still got it. Jim Kerr was full of energy. Very charismatic and sweaty.

They had some good banter, that you would probably expect. Jim prattled on about how great it was to be back in helsinki. But it was too cold for kilts. 2 songs later he was sweating like a proverbial rapist. Here’s a tip for you to beat the cold weather: take you jacket off when you are inside :-)

The interaction with the audience was good. The crowd was singing their heart out for most of the show. Another highlight during “Don’t you (forget about me)” he commented how good the singing was, particularly considering how hard the words were:

La, la la la, la la la, la la la la la la la la la

He then tested the crowds multilingual talents by getting everyone to chant in Finnish. I swear the volume level went up by 200%.

“This is your Finland” was also a clever interaction with the crowd that seemed to have been missed. Of course there had to be some twat shouting something abusive. I didn’t catch the whole of  it but the sentence contained “fuck” and “catholic” and some words around it.

You can download the actual concert so I won’t go through the setlist, but that’s on setlist.fm too. The musical highlight for me I think was “I travel” but there were so many cracking songs to chose from it is a shame to single out just one.

Sarah Brown is also worth a mention. Great ….. voice!!!

Great gig, great company. This is only my first gig of the year but it might be hard to top this!!!

Were you there? What did you think?

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The eve of my first concert of 2014: Simple Minds

I’m quite excited about this one. Simple Minds are another bucket list band for me. It is incredible that I have never seen them before but finally after 37 years I get to see them.


Simple Minds

They seem to be on a little European tour, promoting or making (?) a new live album. Check out this site for some exclusive photos and on twitter. Check out my stream or search for the hashtags: #circus #simpleminds.

More info about their tour can be found here, and there are still tickets for tomorrow apparently. You can follow them on twitter too.

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Reckless Love Rock!!!

Last night I saw Reckless Love for the third time this year. Went along with Colin, with whom I go to most concerts of this nature, and a Reckless Love Virgin, Deano.

Nosturi was the venue and there was actually a pretty decent crowd. Are they finally going to make it? The crowd at the front contained mostly what sounded like school girls. There were some guys in the audience, but I guess we must have been close to the oldest there.

Undeterred by this fact, it was a great concert. Again their sound seems to be changing all the time. The last time we saw them we wondered whether the record label had told the other band members to be more involved? There were a lot more backing vocals and they were all beaming from ear to ear.

Last night was much the same, but they sounded more raw. Whether Olli was suffering a bit, with flu or similar, is open also. He didn’t seem as quite on form as normal.

Reckless Love on stage

The chat was shit!! Only because it was in Finnish and I was pretty clueless what they were talking about. I am guessing a lot of it was about him talking his clothes off since the girls in the audience screamed wildly on more than one occasion.

I really like this band. The play music that would have been massive in the late 80s and early 90s. They sound like everyone, not just one band: Def Leppard, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison – you name it they sound like them.

But they have original songs and their set yesterday (although I’ve seen them do covers before) was all their own … 17 played last night.

You can see the actual set list on setlist.fm. If you have Spotify, check out this playlist.

Will add more pictures later, but if you get a chance do go and see them.


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Twitter is a waste of time

So it has been too long between posts here. How many times have I said that? This time though I am free to write what I want again since I have taken a break from the Social Media insights blog at EzyInsights.

I had fun writing there, about a number of topics, but I wonder if why scepticism shone through at times. Don’t get me wrong. I think that ezyinsights is a great tool, provide easy yet actionable insights into your Social Media presence(s). But Social Media itself, especially Twitter, I struggle still to see the point of it some times.

As I wrote on their blog, there are many ways to use Twitter. From a personal point of view, I started following peers in the web analytics world at first. As my work / interests changes I added more Social and marketing type Tweeps to my feed. Now my main Twitter feed is essentially just a list of links – no actual substance and very little personal input.

Isn’t this just like a glorified RSS feed? At least with RSS I get to choose what I want. I understand the point about sharing but when links are shortened and you cannot see initially where the link is to there is more work involved and ultimately more time wasted.

With the Twitter IPO taking place this past week, all the greedy get rich quick investors seeking more initial return that the Facebook IPO brought, I wonder how Twitter will change as it focuses on revenues and will consider the end user less and less as time goes on. I guess it won’t change who I follow but it will impact promoted tweets and recommendations.

Hoorah for Adblock!!

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EzyInsights NYC Diary: AdWeek 2013 – PART 1

Jamie Burns:

An interesting (Ezy)insight into start-up life and AdWeek 2013 in NYC. Wish I was there. #AWX #ezyinsights

Originally posted on EzyInsights:

Welcome to the first post documenting EzyInsight’s trip to New York, as told in the unique voice of our Business Development Manager, Christel “Titte” Vaenerberg.

Firstly, hello all. Secondly, it has been a messy first morning, this city is really lousy with wifi. At a mobile morning there was no wifi!!

My hotel, The Carlton Arms, cheap as hell and dirty. I’m sure I’ll have an asthma attack before the end of the week. Such is start-up life.

01 copy

1. Attended my first event and succeeded in giving an 8 second elevator pitch to one person (from a major chocolate manufacturer) who’d just given her talk. She had said that their company goes for quick hits “for us it is about reach”. I had expected people here in the US to be further ahead than that. Their buzzword is mobile, and how to reach people better taking into account that platform.

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