Back to Paradise – Reckless Love Rock South Park, Tampere

South Park Festival time and I envisaged Reckless Love to be opening the main stage performances today. That wasn’t to be.

4th on the second stage, and still outranking their rival Finnish band Santa Cruz for now, they played their usual brand of good time rock ‘n’ roll ala Poison or a clean Mötley Crüe.

Reckless Love

So how have they progressed?

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Bonafide Heroes – Santa Cruz are My Remedy at South Park, Tampere

I saw Santa Cruz the previous night and said they played literally just stepping off a plane. Today they were the first “big” band on the second stage at Tampere South Park festival and they sounded tired.

Santa Cruz @South Park

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Screaming for Adreneline – Santa Cruz are Relentless Renegades

So after 4 years since the first time we experienced Santa Cruz live and 2 albums later we return to Nosturi to see the young Finnish band warm up for the South Park festival in Tampere with an intense headline show.

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

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Going down to South Park …. 5 days of fun starts now!!!!

5 days of fun starts today with 3 gigs in 3 different locations with the possibility of seeing at least 7 different bands – with potential for about 5 more if things go to plan.

The weekend starts tonight in one of my favourite smallish venues, Nosturi, with Santa Cruz providing the entertainment.

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Endless Forms Most Beautiful

The opening track of Endless Forms Most Beautiful is Shudder Before the Beautiful.

Richard Dawkins says the opening lines and then the song really kicks off with thumping guitars. Full orchestral background make this up-tempo track a great intro.


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Beyond the Lighted Stage

After a quick scan of Netflix on Friday night I chose a slightly more sedate option in the end compared with the Fast & Furious juggernaut that I was expecting to take.

Beyond the Lighted Stage was a fascinating and at times emotional journey that is an absolute must for Rush fans. It does beg the question why it has taken 5 years since its release for me to actually watch it but that is probably another blog post.

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2 Finnish Bands Amongst the Bands Reviving Glam Metal

Finnish bands Santa Cruz and Reckless Love were featured in a recent article on VH1 about the current state of glam metal.

I found the article quite interesting and a bit of an eye opener.


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