The Grand Whiskeygate of Finland

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So, can’t quite tell – is Whiskey OK [apart from being a piss weak alternative :-) ]?

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Oh my, oh my, oh my. You know. You try to love your country. See the good and participate in things that would make it even better but sometimes, just sometimes, that country of yours makes it so damn hard…

I got home about an hour ago, around 22.00 and as I always do, I got online and logged in on Twitter. What was the first thing I saw? Something, something whiskey and the hashtag #viskigate, in English #whiskeygate.


Is this?

glenmorangie, alcohol law, Finland
Glenmorangie website viewed from Finland

The tweets kept coming and at last I spotted a link to an article on Helsingin Sanomat and boy, did I get some information. I’m going to try to translate it here. Pardon again about the quality. And yes, this is very much true and very much happened in the year 2014…

Aluehallintavirasto, short AVI (The Regional Government Authority), banned two Finnish bloggers from…

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New Media for a New Scotland

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Jamie Burns:

We are going nowhere. We are the 45. This is just the beginning!!

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Bella Caledonia will be announcing plans for an extended service, and our new ideas for improved content next week. We will be reaching out to readers for your support.

We are going nowhere. We are the 45. This is just the beginning.

In the meantime, enjoy this film from The Drum which explores some of the problems in our existing media landscape:

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The Internet, The Tory And The Black, Black Oil

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As if you need any further reasons why not to believe David Cameron.

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socialmediawallpaperDavidCameronNorth Sea oil rig

I posted a couple of months ago on the power of social media and how what once would have been at best a news story on a land far away and only known by those who followed international affairs had become a global campaign that had f0r a while at least had meant that even the most powerful of people were looking into it.

I and many in the pro-independence movement are gambling that it can be done once again as a story has emerged that could be a pivotal moment in the referendum and more importantly is possibly being suppressed by those at the very heart of the British state. There are some facts but they are few and far between, the rest will sound like I’ve joined the tinfoil hat brigade, but as someone once said, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean to say they’re not out to…

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ATV – how it is today

I still get quite a bit of traffic (relatively) to old posts about Apple TV running XBMC. Today I thought I’d shed some light on my current setup around the house. To be honest the hardware hasn’t changed much but the software has.

All media that I have in digital format are still served from my old Mac mini. Primarily since my music and video files are iTunes compatible. This is the first major talking point since my last posts on the subject.


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Airbourne in Finland

As I’ve been publishing mostly music posts over the past couple of months, I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper into the photo archives and share some Airbourne with you.

Airbourne are a no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall, AC/DC-esk hard rock band who I’ve been lucky enough to see twice so far in Finland. And I will go and see them again if they come back to this country.


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