A lot is made of privacy in the modern world. Scandals about NSA, Facebook privacy, Snapchat leakage, Person of Interest .. You name it, everyone comes under the microscope at some point.

social media coutesy of EzyTags

I am very open with my social media posts but I wanted to outline how I do it so people at not confused or suddenly thinking “shit – you’re posting in public”.

So, to start with I cross post from different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,, spotify, linkedin, youtube, instagram to name but a few. This means that anything that is not a direct post to Facebook is most likely public – be warned when replying.

On Facebook itself, normal post are set to friends. I do not share information about my Facebook friends knowingly to others. For Social Media and kind of work stuff you can find me at JBatEZY.

I have no access to cookies or any of your personal data that may be connected with the Social Media platforms listed above or WordPress. And even if I did I still would not sell it on to anyone…

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