Experienced Aircraft Engineers

So this is the first post in a new category of posts. “Crap Advertising” is the name and it will be filled with images and comments on some of the adverts I get served.

I’ll try to explain why they are crap but it’s most likely due to bad targeting not necessarily bad adverts in themselves.

Doha based engineers required

First up is this one on Facebook. This has appeared in my newsfeed on a number of occasions. I’m not sure how they think I’ll be a good candidate.

I have no engineering experience, let alone for an aircraft. I have no idea what multi-type rated is and I live in Finland – perfect!!

Is this crap adversing or actually genius as I have talked about it already on Facebook and now I’m blogging about it?

Shout It Out Loud IV — Part II

Jettblack were probably the least surprising of all the bands. No real prior knowledge of them, and they sounded how I imagined they would – apart from their accents. They were good none the less.

HEAT sounded as if they could have been magic. We were hangin’ in the VIP area with BlackRain at the time *. If we had gone into the crowd I bet it would have been awesome. Funnily enough they had played in Finland a few weeks prior @on the rocks. I would definitely go and see them again.

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Busy weekend in Geekland

Been quite a hectic time in my geek world this weekend. I’ve been trying to rejuvenate my kids laptops, shifted a web site, almost created an infinite loop of autoposting, bought  some Xbox gear, blogged a bit and even had some phone geeking too.

Sophie has an 8 year old laptop, and Frankie’s is about 5 years old. I managed to get Linux Mint installed on Sophie’s then opted to “downgrade” to Lubuntu. After a few attempts I managed to get it installed and it runs quite well. Thought the same would go for Frankie’s machine.

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Auto-post Loop hell

So I have been using IFTTT (If This Then That) web site for a while to automate some of my Social Media posting, for example updating my blog here when I post a link on Facebook. After a certain amount of trial and error I think that I had it set up quite nicely however I just moved my site from Posterous to WordPress and there are obviously a few differences.

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Yahoo chief bans working from home

Marissa Mayer has ordered an end to ‘remote’ work as all staff are told to be in the office as part of a new era of collaboration
Link shared via Facebook: Yahoo chief bans working from home

This has been quite a hot topic this week. Whilst working for a company that used to encourage the home office, I have to say that the banter you get at work cannot be replaced.

I can be more effective from home, especially when I can utilize my travel time as work time – but I miss real people: calls or even video conferencing cannot replace the face to face.