Hello World

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Another test, hopefully no loop hell. Plug for a new up-coming blog too..

Nokia Lumia 920

Take a look at the Lumia 920 with the latest PureView camera technology, powered by Windows Phone 8
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Sneak preview. Not quite but a pretty cool real-life simulation.

BBC News – Andy Murray ‘inspired’ by fans to push for top spot

Andy Murray says the support he got after his Wimbledon final defeat has inspired him to push for the world number one spot.
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I think more majors will come his way. Not sure if he’ll ever manage Wimbledon but we can only hope. Still a little sad a couldn’t stay up for US Open final.Though as I said previously the first set would have been hard to match.

Waitrose Twitter Hashtag

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This is another example of how the media is semi-mocking social marketing but surely this mostly positive. Despite the fact the responses weren’t as expected they probably got way more than they thought & a Guardian article to boot. Good work methinks.