Battle Beast

So the 21st of March was the date to see Battle Beast in all their glory once again. I saw them last year and was blown away by their vocalist. She has an amazingly strong voice and gives their music a real cutting edge.

Battle Beast

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Reckless Love Rock!!!

Last night I saw Reckless Love for the third time this year. Went along with Colin, with whom I go to most concerts of this nature, and a Reckless Love Virgin, Deano.

Nosturi was the venue and there was actually a pretty decent crowd. Are they finally going to make it? The crowd at the front contained mostly what sounded like school girls. There were some guys in the audience, but I guess we must have been close to the oldest there.

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Twitter is a waste of time

So it has been too long between posts here. How many times have I said that? This time though I am free to write what I want again since I have taken a break from the Social Media insights blog at EzyInsights.

I had fun writing there, about a number of topics, but I wonder if why scepticism shone through at times. Don’t get me wrong. I think that ezyinsights is a great tool, provide easy yet actionable insights into your Social Media presence(s). But Social Media itself, especially Twitter, I struggle still to see the point of it some times.

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Can’t Log In

This is a case of not only unwanted advertising, but page load has gone all to pot. Notice the text boxes where you are supposed to sign in?

Can't log in

Brilliant design and totally unobtrusive… NOT!

Do I Not Want That?

Next up in the series is this one, again from Facebook.

iPhone 4

So this time the country is correct, but aside from not speaking Finnish I work for Nokia – my phone contract and amazing Lumia 820 are provided as part of my job.

I have lots of Apple gear around the house, don’t get me wrong. But iPhones, and old iPhones specifically: no thanks!

Experienced Aircraft Engineers

So this is the first post in a new category of posts. “Crap Advertising” is the name and it will be filled with images and comments on some of the adverts I get served.

I’ll try to explain why they are crap but it’s most likely due to bad targeting not necessarily bad adverts in themselves.

Doha based engineers required

First up is this one on Facebook. This has appeared in my newsfeed on a number of occasions. I’m not sure how they think I’ll be a good candidate.

I have no engineering experience, let alone for an aircraft. I have no idea what multi-type rated is and I live in Finland – perfect!!

Is this crap adversing or actually genius as I have talked about it already on Facebook and now I’m blogging about it?