Croatia should give up and go home

I am not surprised that Niko Kovac feels this way. What a terrible injustice!

Given the allegations of corruption, bribes and Sepp Blatter generally being an out of touch old fart – my faith in FIFA and love for the World Cup has been absolutely shattered.

So what was wrong? Mostly the referee and his linesmen. He/they made some really bad decisions.

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Went down to South Park .. Had myself an amazing time

After the weeks of build up, the day I had been waiting for finally arrived. From the previous weekend and further back, counting the number of sleeps to the event, the excitement finally came to a head on Saturday with the South Park Festival in Tampere.

In upcoming posts I’ll share more pictures and thoughts about the performances. Today, however, I will share more general feelings about the event, the organization, the weather and how things pieced together.

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Going down to South Park …. Gonna have myself a time (in Tampere)

This year has been looking a bit bleak for gigs or festivals so far. Simple Minds were terrific and Within Temptation … Well, I’m still feeling slightly disappointed with the whole thing: not that I wouldn’t go and see them again though.

Things took a turn over the past few days though. I was checking out to see if there were still tickets for Reckless Love on Friday as I planned to go and see them (first time this year).

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Within Temptation

Within Temptation kicked off their Hydra tour in Helsinki in February. Perhaps due to the duet with Tarja, “Paradise (What about us?)”, I was envisaging the duet live on stage to end the show. Disappointing that it was the first real song after the start.

Within Temptation

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