Twitter is a waste of time

So it has been too long between posts here. How many times have I said that? This time though I am free to write what I want again since I have taken a break from the Social Media insights blog at EzyInsights.

I had fun writing there, about a number of topics, but I wonder if why scepticism shone through at times. Don’t get me wrong. I think that ezyinsights is a great tool, provide easy yet actionable insights into your Social Media presence(s). But Social Media itself, especially Twitter, I struggle still to see the point of it some times.

As I wrote on their blog, there are many ways to use Twitter. From a personal point of view, I started following peers in the web analytics world at first. As my work / interests changes I added more Social and marketing type Tweeps to my feed. Now my main Twitter feed is essentially just a list of links – no actual substance and very little personal input.

Isn’t this just like a glorified RSS feed? At least with RSS I get to choose what I want. I understand the point about sharing but when links are shortened and you cannot see initially where the link is to there is more work involved and ultimately more time wasted.

With the Twitter IPO taking place this past week, all the greedy get rich quick investors seeking more initial return that the Facebook IPO brought, I wonder how Twitter will change as it focuses on revenues and will consider the end user less and less as time goes on. I guess it won’t change who I follow but it will impact promoted tweets and recommendations.

Hoorah for Adblock!!