The iCamera (Nokia 808 Pureview) Part I

Monday, March 5, 2012

The iCamera (Nokia 808 Pureview) Part I


Why “The iCamera”?

Because in my opinion, this term would best describe what this camera is all about. Camera? Yes, I consider the Nokia 808 Pureview to be a camera (which happens to have an embedded phone), not the other way round. Nokia may not like this perspective. Not yet. Further down, I am going to explain why it is such a great revolutionary camera. But first, let me explain why I call it the iCamera. And no, I will not say anything about the iCamera’s embedded phone function. Please, refer to Nokia for further details about the phone.

I’ve been quite actively slagging off the recent Apple non-event (even though I own 5 Apple products myself) so I thought it was time to focus on something positive.

I was really pleasantly surprised about the Nokia 808 Pureview announcement at MWC. Initially I thought it was a bit of a gimmick. I mean, who really needs a camera with a 41MP sensor. But having seen it in the flesh and seen the incredible picture quality I was blown away.

The phone itself, with Nokia Belle software is really fluid. Symbian as was has really taken great strides in the past year and although this has officially been killed off I do feel there is a lot of life left in the old beast yet.

This article adds some more fuel to the fire with what the camera and its sensor bring to the market. I really hope that this is as ground-breaking as Falk suggests in this article. It is a long but worthwhile read for his thoughts on the matter.

Read more about it on Falk’s blog: