N95 – Top 10 Apps

I have been a proud N95 8GB user for over a year. In the past couple of weeks I have found some excellent new (to me at least) applications that have made the phone even more enjoyable. To start this new sub section of the site off, I have decided to list my favorites. All are at least available as Beta (?) and are mostly free to use!

  • FlyScreen
  • MfE
  • Nokia Messaging
  • Fring
  • FlipSilent
  • ProfileTimer
  • PowerBoot
  • SmartConnect
  • Bolt
  • WorldMate

Flyscreen: A great home-screen like application that allows you to read Twitter and Facebook messages without actually entering an application. This works in tandem with the phones screen saver. I really like this, it has a few bugs but development is constant and may well have been ironed out since the last time I used it. I had to stop using it due to company phone security measure – I must lock my phone after a set period of time. Flyscreen switches this feature off.

MFE: Mail For Exchange enables you top read and send email, sync your calendar, contacts and task list with the Microsoft Exchange server in your company.

Nokia Messaging: To coin a phrase, this is a poor man’s version of MFE. However it is really easy to use and you can have multiple email accounts checked similtaneously. Great application for those wanting push email service.

Fring: Application that allows you to use Skype, Gtalk and various other SIP based VOIP services. I use this constantly as it also has a built in Twitter client.

FlipSilent: An application that I cannot believe is not standard on all devices. Allows you to mute ringing or alarm calls on your phone simply by turning it over. Very customizable.

ProfileTimer: As above. Why is this not standard? Allows you to set profiles for your device at set times. Great for switching to silent mode after 10PM for example.

Powerboost: An application that allows you to select what applications start-up automatically when your phone boots up. Great for troubleshooting.

SmartConnect: Another great application that should be standard – though it may be already in some of the newer devices. This application allows you to create groups of access points so that you can automatically connect to networks when you are in range.

Bolt: A quick and nice alternative to the built in web browser or Opera for that matter. Renders pages quickly and effectively.

WorldMate: An aplication that brings you local weather and incorporates travel services. Very slick interface. To be honest I haven’t fully utilized this application because of a travel ban and I do have a license, so the free version may not be as well featured. Nice none the less.

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