Croatia should give up and go home

I am not surprised that Niko Kovac feels this way. What a terrible injustice!

Given the allegations of corruption, bribes and Sepp Blatter generally being an out of touch old fart – my faith in FIFA and love for the World Cup has been absolutely shattered.

So what was wrong? Mostly the referee and his linesmen. He/they made some really bad decisions.

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Neymar should have been red carded. Perhaps this is forgivable since the referee may not have seen the premeditation, but from the replays you could clearly see Neymar checking out the where the Croatia player was. Then he just elbowed him straight in the face.

Worse yet, Neymar scores 2 minutes later.

The penalty that never was. Fred fell over. Period. There was never enough contact to merit a penalty. I doubt it would have been a foul if it were outside the box. And what about the stuttering run up?

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Croatia’s disallowed goal because their strikers looked at the goalkeeper. Again, minimal contact, and certainly not a foul in my humble opinion.

So conspiracy theorists would say that the referees have been bought by FIFA too (what will happen in Brazil if they don’t win the tournament?), this World Cup is almost over just as it has begun.

I can’t be own my own here – what do you think?

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