Add Pinterest Bookmarklet to Your Windows Phone

Pinterest seems to have apps for every device except for the Windows Phone so I used a simple trick to add the “pin it” button as a bookmarklet for my Lumia 800. I used this method that I found earlier for my lovely N900 quite a while back but this still seems to work quite nicely.

One of the issues with most mobile devices is that you cannot drag links to the “favorites” or bookmarks bar very easily if at all. To this end I decided to see if this older method still work.

Step 1: 

Log into Pinterest on a desktop browser, find the “pin it” button and drag it to your favorites. Follow the instructions on goodies page.

Step 2:

Go to the properties (usually by right-clicking) and copy the link to your clipboard. It should look something like this.


Step 3:

Send the copied text as an email to a mail account that you can recieve mails from on your mobile phone. Open your mail and copy the text you just sent yourself.

Step 4:

Open up Internet Explorer on your device and go to Pinterest – you’ll be taken to the mobile version but this doesn’t seem to matter. Log in so that the browser understands you are registered there.

Step 5:

Tap theand add the page to favorites. The information of course is about the page you currenty have open, but you can edit the title and then paste your clipboard text as the URL. I have used “_pin” as the title so it appears towards the top of my list.

Step 6:

Start pinning. When you see an image or page that is of interest, select “favorites” and select “_pin”. This will take you to a posting page and you can then pin it to a board of your choice.

It’s worth noting that as I was a new user and had no boards, it was nearly impossible to create a new one on the phone, so I created a few boards through the desktop version of the site.

You can see my test board here & please let me know how you get on.

PS: As a bonus, the copy/paste technique also works for the iPad, so the bookmarklet from your mail can be added to the favorites in a similar way.