Qualmpeddler – Even better second time around

So Bill Bailey brought his Qualmpeddler show back to Finland in May 2014, six months after last appearing in Helsinki. I had few reservations about going to see the same show so soon but I was not disappointed.

In fact, partially due to familiarity, partly due to new material I was even more impressed the second time around.


Why was it better?

  • We were about 6 rows from the stage
  • The additional┬ámaterial added more depth to the jokes
  • He played more
  • He seemed less concerned about the audience understanding his “English”


His tribute to Abba was excellent. I won’t say in what style he sung, but needless to say he absolutely nailed it.


The only thing that was slightly disappointing was that he didn’t remember that Finns actually have a word for the top of the foot .. certainly not a deal breaker. Anyway, #DILLIGAS

Great show @billbailey - thanks for another great performance in sunny #Helsinki #qualmpeddler

Were you there? What did you think?