If You Can See This Then

.. the DNS has updated and I have migrated my site’s hosting.

Earlier this week as my hosting packages expired, I decided to consolidate everything and host all in the one place.

Therefore I have moved everything to one host – where redlenses.eu resides as well as my SSL certificates.

Not So Heavy was the first, closely followed by Schemie Hoors. These 2 were relatively straight forward since I had server access and could use my host’s installation programs to migrate the WordPress sites.

Skiffie was slightly more complicated since it was actually hosted on WordPress. I managed to get the data across though on the second attempt by:

  1. Creating a new WordPress installation on my new host
  2. Importing the export files that I created on WordPress
  3. Changing the DNS of the WordPress site

My biggest challenge was the import part. I tried at first to import the whole site at the one time. This timed out on my server, but after deleting the import and trying again one by one, i.e. pages, posts then media things went a lot more smoothly.

One the site is visible on the new site I will update all the URLs, since the new site is currently sitting on a subdomain. Then I will install Jetpack and try to get the sharing / WP integrations back up and running.

I’ll then perhaps use a new theme to  bring the completely back to it’s former glory, Time will tell on that one though.

Or do you prefer the new theme?