Hello Ladies

It has not been a truly great year for live music this year. On the comedy front there have been two events that are the highlights so far. With Bill Bailey earlier this year, Jimmy Carr coming to Finland later this month, October was the month of Stephen Merchant.

Stephen Merchant

I got tickets for this gig a few months ago now. As I got into the ticket queue very quickly I could have had front row tickets … but chickened out and opted for second row right in the middle instead. Apart from being at a Ted Nugent gig back in Edinburgh some 25 years ago I have never been as close to a performance as this.

Stephen Merchant

He was very funny. Kind of awkward, kind of arrogant. Very like the characters that he portrays and writes about. The highlight for me was the reenactment of the play he wrote at school.

Stephen Merchant

Kudos also to @pricetom – the warm up act. He got more than his fair share of chuckles.

Great evening and looking forward to seeing more live entertainment soon. As a little extra here is a vine of how he thinks they price beer here in Finland.


Who is the best comedian you’ve seen? And why? Please comment below