PayPal & Hosting Issue

I seem to have gotten myself into a little situation with my current web hosts. I have been using them for a few years and purchase hosting on a yearly basis. About this time a couple of years ago when the domain was set to expire because I had credit card set the purchase was made automatically.

Since I no longer wish to host my own site, I will be moving all relevant content here instead, I decided to log into my control panel to make sure that the automatic transaction didn’t go though. To this end I removed credit card details. There was no other indication of payment here so I thought the hosting package would just expire on the 30th.

Last week I received notification that payment had been confirmed for the next year. This was on the 18th.. WTF!!! I checked my mail in more detail and it appears that when I made the payment last year through PayPal I had subscribed to automatic payment. I did not want this, or even remember doing it but there you go.

I have contacted their billing / customer services and their initial response was “You need to cancel the subscription on your side for PayPal. Once done it will take care of itself.” I followed these instructions but the payment is still “paid”. When trying to cancel the payment itself I was greeted with the following message: “You cannot cancel this payment because it is complete. Please contact the recipient to request a refund. You can only cancel payments that are sent to unregistered recipients.

Has anyone had this experience before? What should I do now? I have sent the billing department the same information as I am posting here. I just think that this is quite devious because, as I said already, I removed the card details and there was no indication of other automatic payment on their site.

Suggestions / thoughts most welcome. The plan was due to expire on the 30th.