N900 – Still Life in the Old Lady Yet

I have been talking about XBMC and the ATV2 quite a bit recently – even blogging about it on occasion. I thought it was about time that I wrote about the N900 again.

Now, I know it is an old phone – I have had it just over a year now but I still keep finding new things like software/apps or tips and tricks and recently I feel that the phone was rejuvenated by modifications to the look and feel of the device. It’s the little things.

First change was to install the Nokia Pure fonts, you can read more about on Maemo Talk. Installation was easy and using the theme customizer I selected the pure font, rebooted the device and that was it. It looks really nice.

Next modification, again utilizing theme customizer was to install (well download really) Anna Icons pack. This is a set of icons that has been styled around the Anna software for the new Nokia Symbian devices. It makes the UI look fresh again. More information about this can be found here.


Last but not least was FourCircle – a Foursquare app for the N900. It is very simplistic but it works just great from me. A few more check-ins from me in the future no doubt…

Still feeling the love!