I tried iOS… and regretted it too. Here’s 5 reasons why

A buddy, and former work colleague, of mine posted a link recently on Facebook about this guy that bought an iPhone after years on Android … and regretted it immediately.

It made me think about my experience with iOS and I thought I would share this with you. Here are 5 reasons I am selling my iPhone and will use the  Lumia 1020 as my primary device again…..

Before I list my reasons for quickly going back to my 1020 I should make a few things clear. The post and thoughts below are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

Firstly I work for Microsoft and formerly Nokia, so I may be a bit biased. However…

I have a lot of Apple products in my household. I have a Mac Mini, every generation of Apple TV, an Airport Express and an iPad and iPad 2 – so I am no stranger to the Apple eco-system.

Third point is that I am not comparing the cameras because although the camera software on the iPhone is pretty good, the quality of the pictures on the 1020 are really second to none.

Final point is that the iPhone I got was a 4GS, so not cutting edge but iOS is the latest version. So on to the challenges…


1: Customisation

I hate all these apps that I don’t need, such as iBooks or Game Centre. I know you can store them in a folder but having them on even a second or third screen just annoys me.

I like a simple home screen with the apps that I want and use. I like the way you can customise the Lumia to fill the screen with only a few apps.

Oh, and have you tried personalising ringtones?

2: Notifications

I find the notification centre somewhat irritating. Not such much how it works, but more how it doesn’t work and many apps don’t obey their supposed settings.

3: I don’t need an app for everything

Everyone harps on about apps and ecosystems. To some degree I can imagine being upset of your bank didn’t have a mobile app, but since I have been paying bills and doing other translations online with my bank since about 2000, the need for a specific app is negligable.

I have a minimal number of apps install, most of which are social apps and, with the exception of Hyperlapse, all are available in shape or form on Windows Phone anyway. And the unofficial apps are better the official ones in most cases too as a bonus.

I can certainly live without SnapChat and can even get by not being able to sync my Polar Loop to my device directly since they have a (mediocre) mobile experience anyway.

4: User Experience

The UX differences between apps and even with the same ones are quite staggering. The way apps work when they have different goals should still have some semblance of consistency.

Even with the same app, email, for example, there are differences doing the same task. In this case I’m referring to swipe action to archive or delete emails. It’s from the left from Outlook.com and from the right for gMail. What gives there?

5: Siri

… is rubbish. She just doesn’t understand me. Typical woman. Cortana does though. I appreciate the these take time to learn, but Siri just doesn’t get my dialect at all.

I thought I was getting a bit tired of the whole Windows Phone platform, and for sure I would love to get a new high end Lumia device as I have had this one for over a year, but I have become so accustomed to its quirks.

And I realise that despite what you read on forums and other tech places the experience ain’t that bad and doesn’t differ to much in satisfaction levels compared to iOS.

What do you think – I’m I out of touch? Want to buy it?

PS: The original article can be found here.