Busy weekend in Geekland

Been quite a hectic time in my geek world this weekend. I’ve been trying to rejuvenate my kids laptops, shifted a web site, almost created an infinite loop of autoposting, bought  some Xbox gear, blogged a bit and even had some phone geeking too.

Sophie has an 8 year old laptop, and Frankie’s is about 5 years old. I managed to get Linux Mint installed on Sophie’s then opted to “downgrade” to Lubuntu. After a few attempts I managed to get it installed and it runs quite well. Thought the same would go for Frankie’s machine.

But “Oh No!!”. It has been a disaster. I can now get the machine to boot into safe mode at the 2nd attempt – but it’s fairly pants really. So any suggestions for a lightweight OS and instructions how to start from scratch greatly appreciated.

I decided on Friday that I was going to have to move from Posterous since it was shutting down in April. After investigating a few potential solutions I opted for WordPress since it was super-simple to set up and to transfer the existing content to the new site. Today, I decided to go for it totally and switched the domain to the WordPress blog too. It was really easy and smooth and happened literally in a few hours. I even think that my email is still intact which was my major concern.

I did manage to almost create a DoS though through an auto-posting loop hell. I’ve fixed this now I hope. Apologies all round. What I didn’t mention in the previous post was the amount of Twitter posts it created. Thankfully this has been cleaned up too.

I got a sensor clip on Saturday so I could stick my Kinect sensor on-top of the TV. This has been a bit of an issue since we moved the TV downstairs. Just to make sure it worked properly I got a couple of games too. Happy days!!

I’ve been tidying up a couple of blog posts that will get published next week on EzyInsights. Hopefully they are good. Check out the stuff that’s there already. I would really appreciate feedback and for you to spread the word 🙂

On the phone front, I got an update for my Lumia 820. It took almost an hour in total and I’m yet to notice anything substantial with regards to features or performance. That’s said I’ve not used the phone much today though.

I also started to prepare to say goodbye to an old friend. I cleaned my Nokia N9 today, pretty sad. I did / do love that phone. Much sentiment around the device and so many hopes and dreams shattered around it!!