Auto-post Loop hell

So I have been using IFTTT (If This Then That) web site for a while to automate some of my Social Media posting, for example updating my blog here when I post a link on Facebook. After a certain amount of trial and error I think that I had it set up quite nicely however I just moved my site from Posterous to WordPress and there are obviously a few differences.

I wanted to test how this worked, so I initiated a Facebook share, using AddThis, about the Yahoo! decision to scrap working from home. The link was successfully posted on Facebook. I then checked on this site – it was there: great! I checked back on my facebook account and there was another link to the article… and another. It was looping!!

I checked my WordPress posts and I now had created 29 different posts … based on the same initial link. I quickly went to the IFTTT site and stopped the posting rule I had set up there so that this part would stop. Then deleted all the additional posts on WP. Finally onto Facebook again and deleted all the links. So crisis quickly adverted, but I guess the moral of the story is: be very careful with your autopost settings or you can end up in a spamming frenzy!

The service that IFTT provide is very good I have to say. Just my bad implementation of a good idea. You can see more at IFTTT / Dashboard.