ATV – how it is today

I still get quite a bit of traffic (relatively) to old posts about Apple TV running XBMC. Today I thought I’d shed some light on my current setup around the house. To be honest the hardware hasn’t changed much but the software has.

All media that I have in digital format are still served from my old Mac mini. Primarily since my music and video files are iTunes compatible. This is the first major talking point since my last posts on the subject.


No more XBMC. I got tired of the constant tweaking and fiddling around to get files to play properly. Even torrent sites changed their file formats to be more inline with Apple.

To compensate for the self imposed no torrent rule I have an active subscription to Netflix. There is more than enough old stuff to keep you going, as well as new and exclusive shows that, so far, have been excellent.


Netflix is shared around the house to an ATV2 and an ATV3. Both devices are non-jailbroken.

The only tweak I have is a profile that allows all Apple Trailers requests to be hijacked by Plex Media server. This was somewhat difficult to set up, not 100% reliable but it works for the most part. For more information, check out this blog post. It has more details on how to get Plex Connect.

Although all my files work through the native application on the Apple TV it is nice to have the option of utilizing some of the additional channels that Plex offers..

That’s most of my viewing covered except for the inevitable airplaying from one of our old iPads.


For music I have an old Apple TV plugged into my speakers upstairs. iTunes through airplay for this or the wonderful MixRadio through Bluetooth from my amazing Lumia 1020.

Are you still fiddling around with XBMC or Plex or have you given up and taken the easy route?