Elan – 3 Reasons why Nighwish were right

A lot has been said about the leak of Elan, the new Nightwish single. Not least by the band themselves.

Much of their comments and feedback was frowned upon my many of their fans on Facebook (especially) and Twitter. But their underlying argument stands true. Here are the 3 reasons why I think they were justified.

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Croatia should give up and go home

I am not surprised that Niko Kovac feels this way. What a terrible injustice!

Given the allegations of corruption, bribes and Sepp Blatter generally being an out of touch old fart – my faith in FIFA and love for the World Cup has been absolutely shattered.

So what was wrong? Mostly the referee and his linesmen. He/they made some really bad decisions.

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Twitter is a waste of time

So it has been too long between posts here. How many times have I said that? This time though I am free to write what I want again since I have taken a break from the Social Media insights blog at EzyInsights.

I had fun writing there, about a number of topics, but I wonder if why scepticism shone through at times. Don’t get me wrong. I think that ezyinsights is a great tool, provide easy yet actionable insights into your Social Media presence(s). But Social Media itself, especially Twitter, I struggle still to see the point of it some times.

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Great Year for Live Music …. But

This year has been a cracker of year for live music for me. I’ve had one of the best festivals ever in Shout it Out Loud and my favourite performance of all time with the incredible Tesla… There was maybe the best “show” when P!nk came to town and Muse made amends for a lackluster performance in Malaysia a few year back.


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Sonisphere Finland Ruined

The Sonisphere Festival is a touring music festival which takes place across Europe between June and August. It first started as far as I am aware in 2009 and in Finland it was located in Pori – home of the jazz festival. It was fast becoming a tradition to make an adventure out of the festival and spend some time around the area: and take in a few bars of course.

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