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Social Media Marketing

What is SMM – Social Media Marketing?

Most of my previous post refer to Social Media presence and posting as a brand / persona. For the most part the only cost is time and the number one main is to build relationships with your customers, existing or potential.

Social Media Marketing can also come in the form of paid advertising. Ranging from promoted Tweets to paid ads on Facebook this can be a very effective way of reaching more customers.

You need to understand where your audience is, so channels such as LinkedIn, Google+ and others may be very relevant for you.

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content marketing

5 things about the Essential Content Marketing Metrics

This is a fantastic infographic about the essentials metrics for capturing the performance of your content marketing.

It was made by Curata and features in a post entitled 29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics [INFOGRAPHIC].

Digest the image, then check out for my thoughts: do you agree?

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