This page covers all my main Social Media status for all of my accounts, what they are, where they post to and who can see what. As of the end of 2018, I am killing off most of the Twitter accounts & Google+ – well, that never really happened for me.

My Current Twitter Status

I already have several Twitter accounts alongside my main personal account, @ulko7t7. I’ve also killed a few accounts off too.

To be honest I have not been that bothered about follower numbers. Of course the more the merrier, but I am not a narcissist and for the most part my accounts were purely for pleasure. I didn’t have much to offer anyone.

All the accounts served some sort of purpose but for one reason or another the ones with the most purpose never really took off.

Accounts with a purpose

@ulk07t7music – this was automated from I didn’t want to flood my main account so created the separate one. royally screwed up their service and I don’t post to this one.

Current following 300+ (currently 380ish as of December 2018)

@notsoheavyblog – to help with my weight loss and the site that accompanied it, I had issues with my hosting and ultimately my diet stopped. I had a rather unhealthy (some would say) and certainly unsustainable way of losing weight and subsequently have not really been posting much since I had no more stories to tell.

Current following 22 (killing this account in December 2018 *)

@JBatEZY – I blogged for a startup, EzyInsights, to build some sort of presence and authority. Job done! I’ve not worked there for many a year now but still post their blog feeds through this account and my personal one.

Current following 300+ (killing this account in December 2018 *)

I will add redlenses_eu to this list, and this might be a good benchmark too. At 21:20 on September 7th after 1 published post that was tweeted.

Current following 2

Almost with purpose

My main account, @ulko7t7, started off mostly as an inactive viewer. Following my peers in web analytics at the time. I was for sure at stage 1 of Twitter acceptance.

As time went on I got more interested in peer content but drifted and followed bands and comedians which generally meant that my stream was cluttered with not so important and often totally irrelevant tweets.

Current following 800+ (currently 3200ish as of December 2018)


I have a personal account and one page, Not So Heavy, currently. More information to be added shortly.

Google Plus

I have a personal account and one page currently. I don’t really use this much / at all really. I am under the impression that has content from your sites here helps with search engines though … since it is owned by Google after all.

Other Accounts

SnapChat, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. will be added here soon.

* If I can figure out / remember my passwords to close them.