Thanks for reading Red Lenses & in particular this page. This covers what the site is all about, a bit about me and how the content for the site is created.

About Me

My name is Jamie. I am an expatriated Scot living in Finland for over 19 years. I have family here and love the place so I have no real intentions of leaving just yet.

I am a digital analyst, or web analyst, who has been focusing for the past few years on the support section of the Microsoft Devices websites. Currently, I am working at Posti.

A very effective communicator capable of delivering insights & recommendations to any level within an organization enabling content optimization, business case validation and enhanced journeys & experiences to meet consumer needs & business objectives.


Prior to that, I was working in Digital Marketing for Nokia, again in the analytics field, using my experience as a technical specialist in that area.

I blogged for a startup company for about a year, EzyInsights, on the side, to help establish a web presence and am currently keeping my options open to the corporate or startup world at the moment.

You can find out more about me on the main page of Red Lenses – it has links to my Social Media channels so you can contact me there if you don’t want to leave a comment on site.

What Drives Me?

I have a passion for music, sport and Social Media and find a lot of my time keeping up to date with the world of (content) marketing as well as learning and utilizing best practices from my experiences and articles found on the web.

About Red Lenses Site

The internet is awash with information. Often too much. It can appear that there is just an information overload. Red Lenses will be a collection of gathered articles and resources that will make sense to someone wanting to learn about Social, Marketing, Analytics and various aspects of online.

Whether you are a keen enthusiast or seasoned veteran I hope to provide something for most folks in an easy to understand way. It may also be very useful for entrepreneurs that don’t have big budgets and would need to do their Social and or marketing themselves.

Paid Content

Currently there are no sponsored posts. The content that I blog about is purely written about due to interest and quality. If there are promoted articles in the future these will be clearly defined and labelled accordingly.

Read more about the site on the disclaimer page.

About Red Lenses Name

The site name, Red Lenses, comes was born from one of my passions. I recently, within the last 10 years, became a fan of Rush. Prior to this I couldn’t stand Geddy Lee’s voice but I have gotten used to it.

Red Lenses is a song by them which I believe has cool connotations regarding how you look at things in life. My idea was to take this and help focus on looking at things that really matter.