So you use NexGolf for booking times and registering scores? How would you like to automatically add your tee-times to your calendar? Or are you on tweeter on Twitter and want to tell the world what you scored?

If you scored 2 or more out of 3 to those questions here is a solution for you.

The Challenge

NexGolf is great for recording your golf scores and it is a super handy way of booking tee-times and telling the caddie master that you are there. One feature I felt was missing was the ability to add your upcoming rounds to your calendar.

I realize that these events may well only be occurring within the coming week, however with busy schedules and events & happenings from various sources I really wanted to add my upcoming rounds into a common calendar.

The Solution

When you log in to NexGolf you can see all your upcoming rounds and your previous scores. The data is returned in a format that can be re-utilized in two ways

  1. Create a .ics file for your upcoming rounds – a format that can be read by calendar apps
  2. Create a .rss feed file that lists for your most recently recorded rounds of golf

Add event & scorecard links to your desired service and you have Nexgolf events straight into your calendar & your golf scores tweeted automatically!


How do I get my get the links?

Update: There is an updated version of this script available that can generate the codes required and give you links to a calendar file, your scores and now your buddies rounds also. Please see Red Lenses Golf for more details.

To be able to retrieve the required information, you require an authentication token. This can be done either by following the fiddly steps outlined in my initial release here. Alternatively, you can log in through the form below and get your links directly.

Log In

What next?

Test the generated links as outlined in here. Right click or long press on the links, copy / paste & save them somewhere. You can then subscribe to the calendar or add your feed to IFTTT for example.


I would love to know how you get on. Please let me know by tweeting to me at @ulko7t7. Please use the hashtag #RLgolf.


This is an unofficial way of accessing your own information. It may break at any time. The previous disclaimer also stands however in additional using this method your user name & password are actually being sent to my servers. I am not collecting or storing this information.