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Getting Click Thru’s On Twitter – A Quick Checklist

As this blog is new, I’ve been using my own personal Twitter handle to do low-level promotion. I’ve been surprised at the click thru rate from my posts.

I am guessing that this is normal when you start out, especially since I have a low follower count anyway, but it was a bit of an eye-opener.

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Social Media

Do Automated DM Work for You on Twitter?

Direct Messages are great way to communicate with your Twitter contacts. It’s personal and it’s a simple way to chat if you don’t have their phone or messenger details. But what about automated DM? Have you considered this?

Thanking new contacts for the follow is a good way to start the relationship as it opens up the dialog and interesting things can happen from there.

But what if you feel that you get too many followers to reply directly to them and feel the need to automate? Below I will give 3 reasons why you shouldn’t!

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Social Media

Grow Your Following

As I plan an editorial calendar a post came into my Twitter stream that I thought was very appropriate for my new persona, @redlenses_eu. So I decided to start right away.

It will be a good benchmark on how this handle and the web site actually perform in the coming months. How do I grow my following?

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